Cleaning your griddle

Step #1 - Turn to low and scrape away food.

Turn your griddle down to low then use a spatula, dough scraper, or scrapper tool to remove all food debris.  I prefer the dough scraper but any of these work.  Use a paper towel or old towel to wipe up as much grease as you can.

Step #2- Squirt down water and scrape.

Squirt down water then scrape it into the grease trap.  Do this two or three times to remove all the grease.  Make sure the griddle is on low and be careful because the water will evaporate and the steam can and will burn you.

Step #3- Get a towel wet and wipe down the griddle

Take a towel get it wet and wipe down the griddle surface.  Use a scraper or spatula to force the towel into the corners.  You are going to basically ruin this towel so use an old kitchen towel or get some griddle specific towels off Amazon.  Don’t forget to clean the side walls of the griddle.

Step #4 - Coat Griddle with a thin layer of oil.

Put a thin coat of oil on the griddle so it does not rust.  Any oil will do but most people use Canola, Vegetable, or Flax Seed.  I try to use only two tablespoons and keep it as thin as possible.  I move it around with a paper towel.  Again don’t forget the walls and the sides.  After the oil is on you are all done.  Turn off your griddle and cover it until your next use. 

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